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Here are some suggestions to follow in order to ensure a stress-free moving:


Access to and from the doorway of your homes is critical; please advise your neighbours in advance that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your home. If parking permits are required, this is your responsibility.

Attics & Lofts

Our moving team are not allowed to enter a loft unless it is properly illuminated, floored, with fixed ladder, and has a safe point of entry and only with written confirmation on accepted Quotation, if this is not the case the contents of attics/lofts should be sorted and placed in a convenient area prior to the arrival of our moving team.

China / Glass / Ornaments & Books

These can be left in cupboards/shelves ready for our moving team to pack. It is your responsibility to check all cupboards have been emptied


Any clothing already on hangers may remain on them, as we will provide special wardrobe cartons into which these clothes will be packed.

Contents Of Garages / Sheds / Loft

Under no circumstances will we move any flammable substances, old tins of paint, creosote, paraffin, matches, gas bottles or similar items as these invalidate any insurance cover.

Cookers/Washing Machines/Fridges & Freezers

These should be disconnected, drained and dried prior to removal. Fridges/freezers should be emptied. Our moving teams are forbidden to tamper with any mains supply.

Fixtures & Fittings (Curtains/Blinds etc)

All of these should be taken down prior to the arrival of our moving team.

Mechanical Derangement

Internal mechanical or electrical derangement of domestic or electrical appliances unless related external physical damage has occurred is not covered under insurance.

Packing & Unpacking

If you have opted for the packing service there is little more to add apart from arranging to insure your goods, all items packed by the removal company should be unpacked onto a flat surface. If you have decided to carry out your own packing please be aware that there may be no option to insure against accidental damage for these items. Please contact Sure Direct or your chosen Insurance Company for confirmation.

Presence During the Removal

It is your responsibility to be present throughout the removal to ensure that nothing that should be removed is left behind and nothing is taken away in error.

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