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Terms & Conditions Euro

1. The property to be moved is owned by the customer.

2. Should the delivery address alter or split deliveries become a requirement, Euro Removal reserve the right to charge any extra incurred expenses. Likewise if the day and time booked alters, due to house sale delay or any other event, we reserve the right to charge costs such as labour hire, re-delivery and any associated cost of operation should the need arise.

3. Client to advise in advance of pick-up or delivery any hazards that may apply and be aware of obligations.

4. If client is self unloading delivery will be performed by swing lift and placed in the nearest and safest position to residence.

5. Payment is due in full on the dates indicated on the invoice.

6. Once the job is confirmed by the client either verbally or in writing should the client delay re-neg or cancel, Euro Removal reserve the right to charge all costs incurred to that point of operation including debt collection costs.

7. Neither Euro Removal nor its insurers accept liability for pot plants, or pots, kitset furniture that has not been dismantled, kitset wardrobes, deterioration of deep freeze, refrigerated food, or damage caused by moths, rats, vermin, wear and tear, pre-existing damaged or gradual deterioration, whilst in storage or transit. PLASMA TELEVISIONS must travel in the carton designed for them and it is the client's responsibility to ensure this is arranged, this is compulsory requirement from all insurance companies.

8. Should a client elect to either arrange own insurance cover or not cover goods in transit or storage Container Relocations advise that owner's risk applies.

9. Customer agrees to lodge any claim in writing within seven (7) days of delivery of goods.

10. Customer agrees to make full payment on due date indicated on the invoice, without deduction and no payments withheld, reduced deferred on any claim or otherwise.

11. The client must ensure that trees are trimmed or cut back along driveways to ensure that the conveying vehicle can access residence.

12. Self load/self unloads; placement of container will be to the nearest and safest position possible, ultimately it is the client's responsibility and liability to ensure that foot traffic or vehicular traffic is not impeded and that public safety be considered.

13. The customer agrees that the responsibility for the moving vehicle remains with the driver. He has the rights at all times to refuse to put his vehicle or persons at risk. Neither Container Relocations nor its contractors accept responsibility to driveway or roadway surfaces or utilities that lie there under.

14. Flammable or dangerous goods and liquids are not accepted for transit. This includes: paint, aerosol cans, LPG cylinders/tanks, explosive fuels, oils, hay and self combustible materials, ammunitions or guns, fertilisers.

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